Direct Response Maritime Copywriter

There are hundreds of copywriters composing good copy for their customers around the world,but only a small handful have the prerequisites to provide superior writing and marketing services for clients in the Maritime Industry.

When you need a writer, you need one who comprehensively understands your marine transportation and maritime logistics business.  We write compelling, effective B2B and B2C marketing materials that speak directly to your target audience.

My name is Dave Loomis and I am an experienced freelance commercial writer who has lived and worked in the Marine Transportation and Logistics Business for over 35 years.Today I work as a writer serving midsize to large companies throughout the Maritime Industry.I write B2B and B2C marketing and sales material, case studies sharing success stories of prosperous customer and client relationships, marketing emails, white papers and articles that help position my client’s  products and services as their customer’s clear-cut choice.

My maritime and business experience as an owner, marketer, and business partner has given me a unique, realistic perspective to your daily working environment.  I will provide superior writing to help you solidly grow your marine business and bolster your bottom line.  Working with us is easy.  We listen to your concerns and give every project we accept our full personal attention.  You get professional writing results without any writer hassles.

Discover what sets me apart from other copywriters and explore the services I have to offer.

Let’s get together to discuss your next writing project. Call or email me today for a free, no obligation consultation on how I can help you achieve your marketing goals!